Our Inn welcomes its guests with the romantic atmosphere of a place of the past.
Our guests can immerse themselves into the intimacy of a magical scenario suspended in time, perfect for living enthralling moments.

The place that distinguishes for its accurate details and the welcoming staff will make your wish come true within the unmatched style of this unique place.

Come and visit us !

The Culture of Food

Genuineness, Accuracy in the details and Attention to everybody’s needs.
These are the key features of “I Melograni”.
The Rooms
The Inn offers three kinds of room among which three double rooms : the Room of the Sun, the Room of the Pomegranates and the Room of the Moon, a triple room or Suite called the Room of the Stars and the Room of the Corn, a wide lodge of 9 beds for large families.

A holiday farm designed according

to the principles of Permaculture