“I Melograni” Holiday Farm

At the bottom of the Appennine first hillsides separating the plain from the sea, there lies the rural village of Caratta where Lungacque Farm is located with its tourist part “I Melograni”, our beloved Inn.

We decided to carry out a careful restoration, with special attention  to the absence of architectural barriers, in what was and still is a typical example of rural architecture of the Padana plain.

The buildings are displayed around a courtyard surrounded by four big lime trees.

The Melograni Inn  is a place fit for relax, study, meetings and celebrations for the most significant moments in life, within the discreet gentle charm of the river Trebbia hills. The Inn features porches and terraces, barbecues, the inner courtyard, a wide room named White Room, the cosy Fireplace Room or Red Room and the house kitchen.

All the rooms  have been accurately fitted out with old times furniture.

The Inn Rooms

The Inn offers three kinds of room among which three double rooms : the Room of the Sun, the Room of the Pomegranates and the Room of the Moon, a triple room or Suite called the Room of the Stars and the Room of the Corn, a wide lodge of 9 beds.