Pause a while among the romantic walls of “I Melograni”, an intimate Inn in a fairy tale scenario suspended in time, perfect for living your most beautiful and most authentically yours moment.

Our wish is to give every couple their most unique and unforgettable wedding. To make this dream come true, the enchantment starts from the spaces of our location, a quiet, exclusive and poetic venue.

The courtyard embraces the setting tailor made like a precious little casket , every corner is characteristic and special.  Delicate places for memorable pictures.

The warm and comfortable rooms inside allow the guests to meet in a hospitable, open and harmonious atmosphere.

The accurate setting-up features natural colours and linens, ancient cutlery, wood and stone in ever different compositions,  a portrait of the weds with joyful, merry or ironic shades.

The menu  gently follows the weds’ will embracing the tradition and the genuineness  to solve every single need.

This is why we like to call our wedding parties Unusual, far from the “ style-mocking “ stereotypes.

Are you ready to go beyond the threshold of a little magic ?

Here we are. Waiting for you.